FAQs-Common Questions Answered

  • Should I contact a personal injury attorney after my car accident?

    Yes. It is very important to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your car accident in which you suffered any kind of injury or losses. The insurance company for the negligent party will call you very quickly, and anything you say can be used to reduce the settlement amoun... Read On

  • What is an attorney referral fee?

    In many cases, one attorney will refer a client to another attorney to handle a legal matter.  Sometimes this occurs when another attorney is better equipped to handle a particular case or has more frequently dealt with the set of circumstances of that case. It is common (and legal) for the refer... Read On

  • What is mediation?

    Mediation is the process by which the victim of a car accident and the negligent driver's insurance company attempt to come to an agreement regarding a settlement offer for the victim's injuries and losses related to the car accident. This process typically takes place prior to a trial and gives ... Read On

  • What is a deposition?

    In many cases, a victim is required to testify under oath regarding the facts and circumstances of the car accident, regarding their injuries and medical treatment, their pain and suffering, and their property damage. A deposition allows all parties to find out the truth of a matter by requiring ... Read On

  • Will I have to go to court regarding my car accident case?

    It depends. If the negligent driver's insurance company offers a full and fair settlement amount to you, then you will not have to file a complaint in court and start a court case to receive compensation. However, if an insurance company refuses to pay you the amount you are owed under the law, y... Read On

  • How much compensation will I receive for my car accident case?

    Every car accident case will have a different set of facts and circumstances. However, you have the ability to seek reimbursement and compensation for the following types of injuries and losses: Medical costs (including emergency transportation services, hospitalizations, surgeries, medical ... Read On

  • Why should I hire a personal injury attorney after a car accident?

    There are many reasons why a victim should strongly consider hiring a personal injury attorney to represent their legal rights after a car accident, including the following: Conduct an independent investigation in order to obtain critical evidence and documentation related to your car accide... Read On

  • What are my chances of winning my personal injury case?

    Every car accident case has a different set of facts and circumstances. A great deal will depend on the information and evidence collected regarding your car accident. Witness reports, police reports, expert witness testimony and more can all work together to build a strong personal injury case i... Read On

  • What is negligence?

    If another driver operates a motor vehicle in a negligent manner it may include speeding, running a red light, turning left at a red light, failing to obey traffic signs or rules of the road, failing to monitor their ongoing surroundings, driving while distracted, driving while drowsy, or driving... Read On

  • How much will it cost for me to hire a personal injury attorney after a car accident?

    Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that their payment is “contingent” (dependent) on you winning a settlement with an insurance company or a case in court regarding your car accident. A personal injury attorney will not receive any compensation from you in ... Read On

  • Should I contact the at-fault driver’s insurance?

    In most cases, you should not contact the at-fault driver's insurance company. It is likely that they will contact you to obtain information. Be careful when visiting with the at-fault driver's insurance company as many insurance company's use deceitful and manipulative tactics in order to avoid ... Read On

  • Why do I need a police report, and how do I request it?

    The police report is an important piece of evidence related to your car accident. A police officer that arrives at the scene of a car accident should include all important and relevant information related to the car accident including the nature of the accident, driver and witness information, an... Read On

  • Why do I have to tell my car insurance company about a car accident if the other driver is at fault?

    There are many benefits to notifying your car insurance company after a car accident, even if the other driver is liable and responsible for the accident. In Tennessee, the law requires you to put your own insurance company “on notice” about a car accident. If the negligent driver's insuran... Read On

  • Can I get a rental car after a car accident?

    There are options to get a rental car after a car accident including using the negligent driver's car insurance or your own car insurance policy. If your vehicle suffers damage to the extent you are no longer able to drive it, or it needs to be in the repair shop for a period of time, you may nee... Read On

  • Who pays for the damage to my car after a car accident?

    There are three options regarding who will pay for the damage to your car after a car accident. Negligent Driver's Car Insurance Policy – If the other driver was negligent in your car accident, they will typically pay to have your car repaired or replaced. However, it does take a considerab... Read On

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