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How much compensation will I receive for my car accident case?

Every car accident case will have a different set of facts and circumstances. However, you have the ability to seek reimbursement and compensation for the following types of injuries and losses:

  • Medical costs (including emergency transportation services, hospitalizations, surgeries, medical treatments, prescription medications, medical devices, in-home care, and expected future medical costs)
  • Loss of wages due to an inability to return to work (including salary lost, expected bonuses lost, used vacation or sick leave, missed employee benefits, lost pension contributions, and the loss of future income if the injuries are serious or permanent)
  • Pain and suffering (this is an incredibly difficult calculation to make, however, many victims of car accidents are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering)
  • Property losses (including the repair or replacement of a vehicle and the contents inside)
  • Punitive damages (if the negligent driver operated a motor vehicle with the intentional disregard for human safety)

Remember that if you hire a personal injury attorney, you will likely need to pay them their fees after they win your case as a percentage of the compensation you receive from the insurance company or court judgment. Visiting with an experienced personal injury attorney at Labrum Law Firm after your car accident can help you better understand the amount of compensation you have a legal right to pursue under the law.

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