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Have you lost someone in a fatal car accident in Nashville, TN? If another driver’s negligence caused the crash, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This cannot erase your loss, but financial compensation can pay for funeral expenses and give your family the breathing room you need while you grieve. A Nashville personal injury attorney can help you understand your legal options.

Since 2018, Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers has represented accident victims and grieving families in holding negligent drivers accountable. Contact us today at 615-685-8546 to schedule a free consultation with a Nashville fatal car accident lawyer and discuss how we can help.

How Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You After a Fatal Car Accident in Nashville

How Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You After a Fatal Car Accident in Nashville

Losing a cherished member of your family in an accident is a heart-wrenching experience. When someone is killed because of another person’s reckless or careless behavior, survivors have the right to seek justice through a civil lawsuit. An experienced Nashville car accident lawyer can help you hold the at-fault driver accountable and pursue maximum compensation to support your family after your devastating loss.

Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers has represented surviving families and accident victims since our founding. We have been ranked among the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Nashville by Expertise. We are committed to giving you the personal attention and aggressive representation you deserve as you cope with your loss.

Our law firm is ready to help you pursue justice by:

  • Providing legal advice and guidance at every step
  • Investigating the circumstances of the accident
  • Gathering evidence to prove negligence
  • Building a case that documents the losses your family and loved one suffered
  • Handling all communications and negotiations on your behalf
  • Fighting for maximum compensation for your family
  • Presenting your case to a jury if necessary

We will give you the personal, compassionate attention you deserve while we fight to hold the negligent driver accountable for the irreversible harm they have caused. Contact our law offices in Nashville, Tennessee, today to schedule your free case review.

How Common Are Fatal Car Accidents In Nashville, TN?

In 2023, there were 24,900 total crashes in Nashville, 138 of which were fatal. These car crashes killed 140 people. Over a recent 5-year period, Nashville averaged 125 fatal car accidents annually.

Pedestrians and bicyclists account for a large share of traffic fatalities. In 2023, there were 71 fatal pedestrian accidents and 4 fatal bicycle accidents in Tennessee. Overall, 40 of the 71 fatal crashes involving pedestrians occurred in Nashville.

What Damages Are Available After a Fatal Car Accident?

Surviving family members are entitled to compensation through two types of civil claims after a wrongful death.

A wrongful death claim is brought by surviving family members or a personal representative. This type of claim compensates you for the emotional and financial support the deceased provided. Any recovery from a wrongful death claim goes directly to surviving family members. Damages in a wrongful death claim include:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Outstanding medical bills
  • Lost wages, including future income and financial benefits the decedent would have earned if they had lived
  • Emotional care and support the decedent provided to family members
  • Loss of consortium

A survivor’s action, also known as a survival claim, is a separate legal action. This type of claim can only be filed by the estate’s representative. The purpose of this claim is to recover compensation for the losses the decedent suffered after the accident but before they died. Damages in a survival claim include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering before death
  • Lost wages and financial benefits of employment

Any recovery through a survival action is awarded to the decedent’s estate.

What Causes Most Fatal Car Accidents In Nashville, Tennessee?

Below are the most common contributing factors to fatal crashes in Nashville.


Speeding was a major factor in 29% of fatal accidents in 2022 across the country. Speeding not only makes accidents more likely by reducing reaction time and increasing stopping distance, but it also increases the risk of serious or fatal injuries.

Drivers involved in speeding accidents are also more likely to engage in other dangerous behavior. More than half of speeding drivers were not wearing a seatbelt compared to 23% of non-speeding drivers. They were also more likely to be impaired by alcohol and/or drugs.

Failure To Maintain Lane

The Metro Nashville Police Department cited failure to maintain lane as one of the leading factors in fatal accidents. Fatal sideswipe accidents happen when a driver swerves or drifts out of their lane or changes lanes into another vehicle.

These accidents are often caused by distraction, fatigue, or intoxication. They can also be caused by reckless driving when a negligent driver is weaving in and out of lanes.

Failure To Yield

Failure to yield the right-of-way to other drivers or pedestrians often results in a serious accident. This is one of the leading causes of fatal car crashes involving pedestrians, usually when they are crossing at an intersection.

Drunk Driving

In 2020, the Tennessee Highway Patrol reported 7,332 crashes in the state involving impaired drivers. Drunk driving crashes in Tennessee were more than 14 times more likely to be fatal than crashes not involving a drunk driver. Around 10% of fatal car accidents in 2020 involved both drugs and alcohol.

In Nashville, 29 of 125 fatal crashes in 2023 were alcohol-related. On average, there are 30 fatal drunk driving accidents in Nashville every year.

Distracted Driving

In 2023, distracted driving was involved in 31 fatalities in Nashville, up from 23 fatalities the year before. Nationwide, distracted driving is responsible for about 13% of all accidents and 3,300 traffic fatalities per year.

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After a Fatal Car Accident in Tennessee?

The statute of limitations to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Tennessee is just one year from the date of death. If you miss this very short deadline, you lose your right to recover monetary compensation from the at-fault party.

However, there are exceptions that can change the time limit. Contact our legal team as soon as you can to protect your right to take legal action.

Contact a Nashville Fatal Car Accident Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Have you lost a loved one in a fatal car accident in Nashville, Tennessee? While nothing can bring back your loved one, compensation from a wrongful death claim can give your family the financial security you need to grieve. Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers is here to help you through this difficult time.

Contact our law office to schedule a consultation with a Nashville fatal car accident attorney to discuss your case and how we can help you hold the negligent driver responsible.

Understanding what to do after a fatal car accident can be challenging. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of essential questions to ask after an accident to ensure you are fully informed.