Melissa Harris

Melissa has over twenty years of experience as a paralegal in the Nashville area. She is compassionate and committed to her clients. She builds long lasting relationships because she truly cares, not about just the case, but about each client.  She is blissfully married to a great guy and has three amazing children and six fabulous grandchildren. In her spare time, if she is not doting on her family, she loves to get lost reading a book or shop for shoes. But you will not find her cooking.

For 2020 Melissa donated on behalf of Labrum Law to Murfreesboro Cold Patrol.

 The Murfreesboro Cold Patrol is working to end the revolving door of homelessness through outreach, advocacy, and resource support. We accomplish this by creating relationships built on trust, consistency, and brotherly love. In 2019, we were able to help 22 unique individuals experiencing chronic homelessness obtain permanent housing. Prior to finding housing, these individuals had been on the streets for a collective total of over 133 years (which averages over 6 years each).

We believe that it takes a village to make a difference so we work hard to partner with other non-profits and community organizations that are doing great things in their respective areas of focus. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we routinely work alongside various churches and community organizations and do our best to fill in the gaps to strategically end the revolving door of homelessness in Murfreesboro.


  • Your Family!

    I just wanted to say , Melissa is an angel . Trust when I say , this lady makes sure you feel like family . I don't know of any law firm , or any other company/ organization that truly treats you as family ... as Melissa w / Labrum Law Firm . I truly can not say enough positive about how well the...
  • I love what they did for me!

    I love how they work I love what they did for me and I would recommend them to anyone Melissa was a great help thank you!
  • Personal Attention!

    I have been dealing with a car accident suit since February 2020. My case was passed down from another BIG FANCY law firm and let me tell you it was the best thing for my settlement!!! Melissa worked with me she knew the hardship due to this accident and she really, really heard me and she got th...
  • Listened!

    Melissa has a genuine and kind heart. She answered every question that I had, made me feel listened to, and was very responsive whenever I contacted them. I would HIGHLY recommend them!


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