How To Get A Motorcycle License In Tennessee?

In every state, motorcyclists must have a valid license to operate motorcycles and other motor vehicles. However, the requirements for obtaining a motorcycle license vary from one state to another. We want to help those interested understand how to get a motorcycle license, as the requirements for obtaining a license in Tennessee differ from other… read more

Tennessee Reckless Driving Laws

Every person in society has a duty to act responsibly and avoid acting in ways that can cause harm or injury to others. Road safety is one area of our lives that is regulated to ensure that every road user acts responsibly towards others because of the inherent dangers involved in road transportation. A 2019… read more

Right-of-Way Laws in Tennessee

All motorists have a duty of care to abide by traffic laws to prevent accidents and make the roadways in the state of Tennessee generally safer. The right-of-way rules that exist for motorists and pedestrians refer to the legal right that one vehicle or pedestrian has to proceed when one or more other vehicles or… read more

How Old Does A Child Need To Be To Ride On The Back Of A Motorcycle In Tennessee?

Across the country, there are five states that have a minimum legal age for a child to ride on the back of a motorcycle. The state of Tennessee is not on that list and so it is critically important that parents use their best judgment with respect to the safety of their children. Motorcycles are… read more

Is It Legal To Go Through A Yellow Light In Tennessee?

Going through a yellow light is legal in Tennessee. Drivers can generally enter an intersection on a yellow light but must stop for red. In   added a law that provides absolute clarity on the issue of yellow lights and states that drivers do not commit a traffic violation unless their front wheels cross the… read more

Is It Legal To Drive Barefoot In Tennessee?

It is summer, and while you are running errands, you decide to kick off your flip flops or shoes and drive barefoot. If you suddenly ask yourself whether it is legal to drive barefoot in Tennessee, you can rest assured that yes, driving barefoot is legal. In fact, there are no laws making barefoot driving… read more