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If you were recently bitten by a dog in Nashville, Tennessee, you might be entitled to compensation for your medical treatment, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages you sustained. However, recovering that compensation might not be easy without the help of an experienced Nashville dog bite lawyer.

Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers can fight to hold the dog’s owner responsible for the harm you suffered. We have helped many other clients just like you recover significant compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of others. 

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How Can a Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me After a Dog Attack?

How Can a Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me After a Dog Attack?

Dog bite injuries can leave lasting physical and emotional scars on their victim. A Nashville dog bite attorney can aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve after suffering a serious injury. 

The legal team at Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers wants to help. 

We prepare every dog bite injury case as though it is going to trial by:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation into how the dog bite occurred, the conditions that led to the bite, and whether the dog had any previous history of aggression
  • Reviewing your claim to determine if you have a strong case for compensation
  • Gathering evidence to establish negligence
  • Researching case law and previous incidents involving the dog
  • Defending against accusations that you provoked the dog or are otherwise responsible for the attack
  • Compiling a well-developed demand package explaining why you deserve top compensation

When you choose our personal injury firm in Nashville, TN, you don’t have to worry about the cost of hiring a lawyer. We work on contingency, so you only pay us if we are successful in recovering compensation for your claim and at the time you receive your award or settlement. You have nothing to lose, so contact us today for your free case consultation. 

How Common Are Dog Bites?

Dog bites are far too common, with an estimated 4.5 million bites occurring each year in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 468 people have died from dog bites in the last decade. Approximately 885,000 people seek medical treatment annually because of dog bites, with 370,000 of these involving emergency room visits. 

Tennessee Dog Bite Laws

Tennessee law provides different rules that apply to dog bite cases depending on the circumstances. The law states that dog owners have a duty to keep their dogs under reasonable control at all times and to prevent them from running at large. 

If they breach this legal duty, they can be held responsible for any damages that a victim suffers if injured by the dog while in a public place or while lawfully on private property. This rule applies whether the dog has shown any dangerous propensities the owner knew or should have known about. 

There are exceptions to this strict liability rule, including:

  • The dog is a police or military dog, the injury occurred during the dog’s official duties, and the victim was someone involved in the conduct that required the use of the dog.
  • The victim was trespassing upon the dog owner’s private, nonresidential property.
  • The injury happened when the dog was protecting its owner or another innocent party from attack by the victim or their dog.
  • The injury occurred when the dog was securely confined in a kennel, crate, or other enclosure.
  • The injury occurred when the victim provoked the dog.

If the bite occurs on the dog owner’s private property, the victim must show that the dog’s owner knew or should have known of the dog’s dangerous propensities. 

What Do I Have To Prove To Win My Nashville Dog Bite Case?

To prevail in a dog bite case, you must be able to show either that the dog was running at large at the time of the attack or that the dog owner was negligent, as required under premises liability laws. 

Negligence involves showing all of the following:

  • The defendant had a legal duty to take reasonable care to control the dog’s behavior
  • The defendant breached the duty of care
  • The defendant’s breach of the duty of care caused you to get hurt
  • You suffered damages as a result of the dog attack 

A big part of many Nashville dog bite cases is showing that the animal had a history of aggression, and the owner knew about that. An experienced dog bite lawyer in Nashville can help you build a strong case to seek fair compensation after an attack. 

Proving your case will likely depend on the strength of the evidence you have, which may include:

  • Medical records
  • Police or animal control reports
  • Witness statements
  • Photos or videos of the attack
  • Veterinary reports
  • Torn or damaged clothing

Our team can help gather this critical evidence on your behalf.

How Much Is My Nashville Dog Bite Claim Worth?

Every dog bite injury claim is different, but dog bites often result in severe injuries and can lead to permanent or life-changing consequences. 

The potential value of your dog bite case will depend on various factors, such as:

  • The types of injuries you suffered
  • The severity of the injuries
  • The type and duration of medical treatment you required
  • The extent of your pain and suffering
  • Whether the dog bite caused psychological issues
  • How your life has changed as a result of the attack
  • Your age at the time of the attack
  • The amount of wages you lost while recovering from the bite
  • Whether your earning capacity was permanently affected because of the dog bite
  • The insurance available to cover your damages

With a decade of experience representing accident victims, Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers can help you seek fair compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. Call us today to learn more about how our Nashville personal injury attorneys can help.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Nashville Dog Bite Case?

Damages are the items you seek compensation for in a personal injury case. You can potentially recover economic and non-economic damages in a dog bite claim. 

Economic damages are those that can be quantified, such as:

  • Medical expenses, including emergency treatment, ongoing medical costs, counseling, reconstructive surgery, and medication
  • Lost wages and income
  • Permanent disability
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Any personal property damaged in the attack

Non-economic damages are more difficult to base a specific dollar amount on but still represent losses accident victims experienced and deserve to be compensated for. 

They include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish 
  • Emotional distress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psychological conditions
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 

Our team can help gather evidence to prove the value of your losses and demand you be fairly compensated for them.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Children represent approximately 70% of dog bite victims, so bites on their face and neck are common. 

Other common dog bite injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Puncture wounds
  • Infection
  • Cuts
  • Lacerations
  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Amputation
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Dog bites can also result in psychological injuries, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and debilitating phobias.

What Does It Cost To Hire a Dog Bite Attorney in Nashville, TN?

Nothing – until we win. This is because, at Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers, we work on a contingency fee basis. We don’t charge any fees for our services unless and until we recover compensation for your case.

What Is the Deadline To File a Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit in Tennessee?

Tennessee law typically gives you just one year from the date of the attack to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent dog owner. 

This is not a lot of time to do everything involved in bringing a dog bite injury claim, such as investigating the accident, gathering evidence, making an insurance claim, and negotiating for fair compensation. 

For this reason, it’s crucial that you contact a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible so you do not lose your chance to recover compensation for your injuries through the courts. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Knowledgeable Nashville Dog Bite Lawyer

Were you recently bitten by a dog, leading to medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering? If so, you may be entitled to these and other damages, but you can count on the dog owner being just as unreasonable as they were to allow the attack to occur in the first place. 

A Nashville dog bite lawyer at Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers can help you pursue the justice and accountability you deserve. 

We offer all new personal injury clients a free, no-obligation case review in which we can learn more about you, discuss your case, and explain your legal options. Call us today to schedule your free case assessment.

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