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Did you sustain an injury or other type of harm due to a defective product in Nashville, Tennessee? State law may permit you to seek compensation from the responsible manufacturer, retailer, and/or distributor. Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers can help you recover money damages for the financial losses you’ve incurred, your pain and suffering, and more.

Contact our law offices in Nashville or call (615) 685-8546. We’re a trusted Nashville personal injury law firm that consistently gets our clients results. Our Nashville product liability lawyer has nearly a decade of experience and has been recognized by Expertise on multiple occasions for her stellar legal representation. If you hire her and the rest of our legal team to help after a defective product has injured you, we’re confident we can obtain meaningful compensation for your losses. 

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How Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Product Liability Claim in Nashville

How Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Product Liability Claim in Nashville

You expect the products you purchase to work as intended. When that doesn’t happen and you get hurt as a result, you deserve to be compensated for everything you’ve been forced to endure. 

A successful product liability claim can do just that, but these complex personal injury cases generally require expert assistance. You’ll likely need an experienced lawyer on your side to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

Look no further than Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers. Our award-winning Nashville personal injury attorney will make your case a top priority and work hard to ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve. More specifically, we can help with your product liability case by:

  • Determining your best legal course of action through a comprehensive internal investigation into your case
  • Fully evaluating the damages you’ve incurred to maximize the value of your claim
  • Handling all of the required communications, paperwork, and procedures related to your case
  • Negotiating a settlement agreement on your behalf
  • Filing a lawsuit and taking your case all the way to trial if necessary

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A Brief Overview of Product Liability Law

Product liability law allows consumers to pursue legal action after they’ve been injured because of a defective good. Some product liability claims are based on negligence, but most are founded on strict liability instead. This is an important distinction, as strict liability claims do not require the victim to establish any type of wrongful or careless intent from the at-fault party.

Within product liability law, there are three major categories of claims:

  • Design defect claims, which apply if the product in question is inherently dangerous
  • Manufacturing defect claims, which apply if a specific instantiation of the product was not produced correctly
  • Marketing or failure to warn claims, which apply if the product did not contain adequate warnings of its risks

Under this area of the law, any entity that had a hand in the production of the product can potentially be held liable. Examples include manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and suppliers. The facts of your case will dictate the appropriate party or parties to pursue compensation from.

To prove your product liability case, you must assert that:

  • The product was defective or unreasonably dangerous
  • The product was in such a state when it left the defendant’s hands
  • The defect or dangerous condition caused your injury

You’ll need to demonstrate these elements “by a preponderance of the evidence” to win your case, meaning each must be at least 51% likely to be true based on the available proof. Types of evidence you can supply include medical records, expert analysis, other kinds of documentation, and more. 

How Much Is My Nashville Product Liability Case Worth?

Product liability cases are difficult to evaluate without knowing the particular facts and circumstances surrounding the situation. Factors that can influence how much your case is worth include:

  • The nature and extent of your injuries
  • Whether you will make a full medical recovery
  • The amount of financial losses you’ve experienced and will continue to experience
  • Whether your case involves filing a class-action lawsuit or other mass torts claim
  • The strength of the available evidence in support of your claim
  • Who the liable parties are in your case
  • Whether any insurance policies apply to your case, and, if so, their terms/conditions

Overall, the cases involving the most severe injuries are usually worth the most. However, it’s often not that simple; properly calculating the value of a product liability case can take time and effort. It’s a critical step to take, nonetheless, because you run the risk of settling your claim for an insufficient amount otherwise. 

We Can Help With Any Type of Product Liability Case in Nashville

Our attorney is qualified to help you with any kind of product liability case. Types of claims we can offer our legal services in support of include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Dangerous or defective drugs/medications
  • Appliances and household goods
  • Defective medical equipment and devices
  • Personal care products
  • Vehicle parts and machinery
  • Toys and other children’s products
  • Electronics and related equipment
  • Tools and other similar products

We encourage you to contact us regardless of the type of product that has injured you. During your free consultation, we can provide initial advice regarding your legal rights and options.

What Damages Can I Recover if I Was Injured Due to a Defective Product in Nashville, TN?

Two forms of “compensatory damages” are available in Nashville product liability cases: economic and non-economic. It’s possible punitive damages are available as well, but only under certain circumstances.

Economic damages compensate for your financial expenses, such as:

Non-economic damages compensate for the other, less-quantifiable consequences of your injuries, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress
  • Loss of quality or enjoyment of life
  • PTSD, anxiety, and other similar conditions
  • Loss of consortium 

Punitive damages are limited to specific product liability cases by Tennessee law. These damages are meant to “punish” defendants when they act egregiously, not necessarily to compensate victims. Nonetheless, we will take due care to pursue punitive damages for your case if possible.

What Is the Time Limit To File a Product Liability Lawsuit in Tennessee?

State law sets time limits for filing lawsuits via its statute of limitations and statute of repose. The default statute of limitations deadline is one year from the date of your injury. In addition, the statute of repose limits Tennessee product liability lawsuits to within 10 years from the date the product was first purchased, regardless of when it injured you.

However, there are exceptions to these time limits for some cases. The deadline to file a product liability case is not always straightforward. Don’t lose your legal right to take legal action; contact us as soon as possible for help determining the specific deadline for your case.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Product Liability Lawyer in Nashville?

At Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers, we don’t charge by the hour or for a flat rate. Instead, our attorney works on a contingency fee basis. That means you can hire us without paying any upfront fees, and we only receive attorney’s fees if we secure compensation for you.

At the conclusion of your case, we will take a percentage of your jury verdict or settlement agreement as payment. We will discuss the exact percentage with you at the beginning of your case – it will usually be around 33%.

With a contingency fee, we’re incentivized to increase your claim’s value as much as possible. Furthermore, you can hire our legal team even if your injuries have caused you financial hardship. 

Schedule a Free Case Review With Our Nashville Product Liability Attorney

If you were harmed by a defective product in Nashville, TN, look to Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers for trusted legal help. We understand the complicated nature of these cases and have the skills, resources, and experience to help you effectively. 

Our Nashville product liability attorney treats every case she takes on with the utmost care and attention. We’ll treat you as though you were family, keeping you up to date on the status of your case at all times and cutting no corners in representing you. 

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