Car Accident Reports in Tennessee: FAQs

Car Accident Reports in Tennessee: FAQs

Tennessee, with its scenic beauty and rich musical heritage, is a sight to behold. However, like every other place, accidents do occur on its roads. When they do, the process of reporting is not just a courtesy but a legal requirement aimed at maintaining safety and accountability. 

Should I Contact the Police?

Imagine cruising along Tennessee’s picturesque roads when, suddenly, a car swerves into your lane, causing a crash. The initial shock gives way to a whirlwind of thoughts. What now? Who to call? Is reporting necessary? 

In Tennessee, if you find yourself in a car accident, the law mandates reporting it to the police immediately if there is at least $50 worth of property damage. This holds true regardless of who was at fault for the accident. You can make the report by calling 911 or the Tennessee Highways Patrol desk, requesting an officer to come to the accident scene. If a THP officer is nearby, you can also report in person. Collect sufficient evidence before leaving the scene, as you will need it for insurance claims or in court.

How Should I Document the Scene?

Before you dash off from the accident scene, it’s crucial to document it thoroughly. Snap pictures, jot down notes, and, if possible, gather witness testimonies. Every little detail could play a significant role in understanding the accident, which could be beneficial during insurance claims or even in court.

Should I Call My Insurance?

Post-accident, it’s prudent to inform your insurance company about the mishap within 24 hours. However, some insurance companies have their own internal deadlines for reporting accidents. It’s wise to call them and inquire if you’re unsure about your insurance company’s deadline.

If you fail to report a car accident to law enforcement, you could face a fine or difficulty in a subsequent lawsuit or insurance claim.  

When and What Should I Report a Car Accident in Tennesee?

In Tennessee, the law meticulously outlines the scenarios under which reporting a car accident is mandatory. It’s not about the blame game but about adhering to the law to ensure safety and accountability. If the accident involves death or injury, or if property damage exceeds $400 to any person involved, a personal report is obligatory. This report is mandatory regardless of who was at fault.

The law stipulates that your report must reach the Department of Safety and Homeland Security within twenty (20) days of the crash. This is a strict timeline, and adhering to it is crucial to avoid any adverse legal repercussions, such as the suspension of driver’s licenses and registrations or nonresident operating privileges.

How Do I Submit a Personal Accident Report?

Submitting the report is a straightforward process. Each driver or vehicle owner involved in the accident must submit the Department’s official accident report form. The form primarily asks for information about the driver, the vehicle owner, and the vehicle’s insurance. 

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Car accidents are serious, especially if there’s significant injury or property damage. The insurance companies looking to settle the claim at a reasonable cost may only sometimes offer fair compensation. In such scenarios, consulting with an experienced Nashville car accident attorney could be in your best interest to ensure you’re fairly compensated for your losses.

Car accidents, while unfortunate, are part of the driving experience. Reporting them as per Tennessee law is crucial not just for legal compliance but for ensuring the safety and rights of all parties involved. The next time you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, remember a timely report could save you much more than just a hefty fine. Call Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers at (615) 685-8546 to schedule a free consultation.

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