How Much Does a Lawyer Cost in Nashville? 

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost in Nashville?

When looking for a personal injury lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee, the first question most people will have is: how much will it cost to hire a lawyer? 

The answer depends on the type of case you have and the fee structure your attorney uses when handling your case. Some lawyers require a retainer fee upfront and bill hourly, for example, while others might charge a flat fee or only collect their fee if you win. If you have a personal injury claim, don’t let the issue of attorney fees keep you from finding an experienced Nashville personal injury lawyer to explore your full legal rights and options. 

How Do Different Types of Lawyers Charge Attorney Fees? 

Each law firm in Tennessee will set its own fees and have guidelines for how fees and costs are paid. The answer can vary depending on the law firm or the nature of your case, so it is always best to ask directly. In general, there are three types of attorney’s fees in Tennessee:

Contingency Fees 

Contingency fees are most often used by personal injury lawyers, where there is some expectation of a financial award through settlement or verdict. In a contingency fee case, the lawyer will charge no up-front cost to the client and collect their fee only if they win. 

At the start of a contingency fee case, the attorney will evaluate your claim to see if it has a reasonable chance of leading to financial compensation. If your lawyer believes your negligence claim can lead to a settlement or money judgment, they will invest their time and resources without charging a retainer or billing you hourly. When the case concludes, the contingent fee attorney will then be paid a percentage of the total amount awarded to their client. 

What percentage does a personal injury lawyer take in a contingent fee case? Usually, their percentage will be between 30-35% of the total payout. That is, if they successfully settle the case or win at trial. 

This percentage seems like a lot until you consider the overall time and resources a personal injury lawyer invests in your case, including: 

  • Time and legal expertise
  • Costs of investigating your claim and preparing a case for court
  • Costs for expert witnesses
  • Costs to prepare documents and exhibits for trial 
  • Court costs and filing fees. 

The benefit of hiring a Nashville personal injury lawyer on a contingency fee basis is you pay no money upfront, and they can utilize their vast knowledge and resources to advance your claim. 

Hourly Fees 

Many lawyers charge hourly fees to handle a case. These fees can typically range from $150 per hour for a newer attorney to $500 hourly for a more experienced lawyer. Aside from personal injury cases or transactional matters such as wills and contracts, most cases involve an hourly fee. 

At the start of an hourly fee case, the client will pay a retainer to the law firm. The retainer serves as a deposit that goes into an escrow account. The lawyer’s time is billed against the retainer as the case proceeds. The law firm will also provide you with itemized statements as the case proceeds. 

Both the amount of the retainer and the hourly fee can depend on the complexity of your case and the time that will be involved. 

Flat Fees 

Matters that can be completed within a short time frame can be billed on a flat fee basis. A lawyer who mainly drafts wills, trusts, or real estate documents will often charge a flat fee based on the type of document and details involved. 

Other matters that might be charged on a flat fee basis include: 

  • Patent or trademark applications
  • Uncontested divorces 
  • Misdemeanor criminal cases 
  • Bankruptcies
  • Contracts 

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Is Worth the Cost 

Whether your lawyer bills on a contingency, hourly, or flat fee basis, the benefits of hiring expert legal help can far outweigh the cost involved. If you have been injured in an accident and have a personal injury claim, you will not need to pay a retainer up-front to hire a personal injury lawyer. They will only collect their fee after they obtain compensation for you. 

Nashville personal injury lawyers fight to earn their clients fair compensation on a contingency fee basis, without up-front payments. Every dollar counts when you are recovering from an accident, and contingency fees are only collected if your claim succeeds.  

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