Major Interstates in Tennessee

Major Interstates in Tennessee

The Interstate Highway System has an interesting history. It was created in 1956 when Dwight Eisenhower signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956. Today, interstate highways regulate traffic between the states and also act as emergency landing strips for aircraft.

Typically, the larger a state is, the more interstate highways run through it. However, there are some exceptions, and Tennessee is one of them. Tennessee is the 36th largest state in the country. Despite this, it features eight interstate highways. Comparatively, the seventh largest state, Nevada, only has three interstates running through it.

Here is what you need to know about the major interstates in Tennessee.

Notable Interstate Highways in Tennessee

U.S. News & World Report recently named Nashville the 16th most dangerous city for drivers in the country. Learning about the various interstates you may encounter in Nashville and elsewhere in the state can help you avoid getting into a car accident while driving in Tennessee.

Interstate 81

Depending on your viewpoint, I-81 either starts or ends in Tennessee. One end of I-81 connects with I-40. The interstate travels northeast from this point to Virginia, continuing until it eventually ends in New York at the Canadian border. It travels through ample mountainous territory, so drivers should pay particular attention to their surroundings on this highway.

Interstate 75

I-75 is a north-south interstate that runs directly through Knoxville and touches the outskirts of Chattanooga. When it leaves Tennessee, it continues toward Atlanta and Cincinnati. This makes it a major trucking route, which means that drivers should be wary of truck accidents while using this highway.

Interstate 69

I-69 starts in Union City and heads north, ending where it connects with I-24. It is a relatively minor interstate that only exists to connect other highways.

Interstate 65

I-65 runs straight through the heart of Nashville and continues north until it reaches Indianapolis and Chicago. This is one of the busiest highways for anyone traveling to Indiana or Illinois. The highway avoids almost all major cities to the south but will take you most of the way to New Orleans.

Interstate 55

This interstate only barely cuts through the southwestern tip of the state, running along the edge of Memphis. Interstate 55 is the only major north-south highway that goes anywhere near Memphis, making it the primary option for traveling to New Orleans and Chicago from that city.

Interstate 40

I-40 cuts right through the center of Tennessee from the western border to the eastern border, going through the middle of Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis. At over 400 miles long, it is the longest interstate running through Tennessee.

Interstate 26

While I-26 should be an east-west highway based on its numbering, it actually travels north-south through Tennessee. The highway goes near no major cities and is primarily useful for people who are driving to Charleston, South Carolina.

Interstate 24

I-24 is the most direct route between Nashville and Chattanooga. This highway allows drivers to travel between the two cities in about two hours, making it a heavily used road. Also, curiously, Chattanooga and Nashville are in different time zones, so anyone traveling west will effectively drive over 130 miles in approximately an hour.

Stay Safe on Interstate Highways in Tennessee. If Injured, Contact Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers Today

Due to the abundance of interstates in Tennessee, you can travel with ease around the roughly 42,000-square-mile area. Unfortunately, as with any highway, traveling on these interstates comes with a risk of experiencing a car accident. 

When traveling in Tennessee, consider your route carefully, and always practice safe driving to keep you and your family protected while on the road. But if you are injured, please contact the Nashville car accident law firm of Labrum Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers to schedule a free consultation today.

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