What Are the Odds of Dying in a Car Crash?

What Are the Odds of Dying in a Car Crash?

Like many other sizable towns in the U.S., getting around Nashville without a car can be somewhat challenging. Yet every time you start your car and pull onto the road, you are placing yourself and your passengers at a particular risk, one that includes the potential of being involved in a fatal collision and losing your life.

This blog will examine available data to determine the likelihood that you or any passengers riding with you will be involved in a fatal crash in Nashville, Tennessee. Tips for mitigating your risk of injury or death on the road will also be discussed.

Measuring Your Risk of Death in a Car Accident

While data specific to Nashville is unavailable, it is confirmed that Davidson County (which is home to Nashville) experienced 24,900 total crashes in 2023. And while the majority of these collisions only resulted in property damage or non-lethal injuries, 138 of them resulted in death.

This 0.5% ratio might seem minor, but consider that Nashville is ranked 13 of all U.S. cities in terms of the risk of being in a car accident. Given the density of traffic and the constant construction, Music City presents a significant risk to residents, commuters, and tourists alike.

Factors That Increase the Risk of Death

Not all car crashes present an equal risk of death. There are factors and circumstances that can elevate the chances that you would suffer an injury or die in that collision. Reducing your risk of death involves eliminating these factors as much as possible. These factors include:


The faster vehicles are traveling at the time they collide with another vehicle or an object, the more energy is involved in the crash. The more energy that is involved in a crash, the greater the likelihood that someone will be hurt or killed. Reducing one’s speed, especially during inclement weather or congested traffic, can reduce the likelihood of a fatal accident.

Lack of Seat Belt Use

Using a seat belt can keep you from being tossed about the interior of your car or ejected entirely in an accident. A car or truck occupant who does not wear their seat belt is at an elevated risk of suffering fatal injuries in a crash. Therefore, wearing your seat belt at all times can reduce your risk of injury and death.

The Type of Vehicle Involved

Heavier vehicles like trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles have greater mass and, by extension, more energy to transfer in a crash. When these larger vehicles collide with smaller cars or motorcycles, they can cause tremendous harm to the occupants or riders of those smaller vehicles.

You cannot control the type of vehicle that another person drives. However, you can exercise greater caution when traveling around a heavier vehicle. Doing so can reduce your risk of being involved in a fatal accident.

Drive Confidently and Cautiously in Nashville, TN

Accident statistics reveal that your odds of being involved in a fatal Nashville motor vehicle accident are low. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that your odds of an incident are nonexistent. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that a small fraction of traffic accidents that occur in Nashville and throughout Davidson County do result in one or more fatalities.

However, by practicing safe driving behaviors and mitigating certain risk factors, you can travel around town confidently without worrying that a fatal accident is lurking around every street corner.

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