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Tire Failure Accidents

Posted by Harlene Labrum | Apr 19, 2021

Tire failure accidents are a common occurrence that can have devastating results. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2017, 738 people died in tire-related car accidents in the United States.  Thousands of others were injured in car accidents because of tire failures.  Car accident victims should know and understand their right to seek fair and just compensation for their injuries.  If you are the victim of a tire failure accident in Tennessee, consider visiting with an understanding lawyer at Labrum Law Firm at (615) 338-9500 to learn how we may be able to help you with your case.

Seeking Medical Attention After a Tire Failure Accident

Victims of tire failure accidents should seek immediate medical evaluation and treatment following the accident.  Car accidents can be frightening and stressful, and adrenaline or the shock of the accident might mask the symptoms of serious injuries.  Seeking prompt medical care following an accident helps to ensure that victims' injuries are identified and treated quickly.  If you were involved in a car accident and have not already done so, seek medical help as soon as possible for your health and safety.

Another important reason for victims to receive timely medical care following an accident is to create documentation that can be used if the victim decides to pursue compensation through an insurance settlement or personal injury claim.  Insurance companies often use a variety of tactics in an effort to limit the amount of compensation paid to victims.  Insurance adjusters might attempt to point to pre-existing conditions or other incidents as the cause of a victim's injuries.  Immediate medical evaluation following an accident can help to document the victim's condition as a result of the accident.

What Causes Tire Failure Accidents?

Tire failure accidents occur when a problem with a tire causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle.  These accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, and some accidents also involve other vehicles.  Here are some reasons why tires might fail:

  • Separation of the tread from the tire
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Poor tire design
  • Retread failure
  • Rubber breakdown
  • Potholes or other road surface defects
  • Punctures from objects in the roadway
  • Too much or too little air in tires
  • Worn-out treads
  • Poorly-done puncture repairs
  • Incorrect size or type of tire for the vehicle

Tire failure accidents are often complicated, and they take time and effort to research and document.  If you are the victim of a tire failure accident in Tennessee, a knowledgeable lawyer from Labrum Law Firm might be able to help you with your case.

Causes of Tire Failures

Tire failure can take a vehicle from normal operation to dangerously out of control in a matter of seconds.  While some tire failure accidents are unpredictable, others can be prevented with regular inspection of tires.  Here are a few telltale signs that there is a problem with a tire:

  • Worn-down treads (2/32 of an inch or less)
  • Cuts or cracking of sidewalls
  • Bulges or blisters on the surface of the tire
  • Incorrect tire pressure (check your vehicle's owner's manual for more information)
  • Nails or other objects lodged in the tire
  • Excessive vibration when driving, which can be a sign of poor tire balance or alignment

In addition to visible defects, some tires might have manufacturing defects that are invisible to the naked eye.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is responsible for issuing vehicle safety standards in the United States and requires manufacturers to recall vehicles and equipment, such as tires, that have safety-related defects. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a list of tires that have been recalled because of defects.  Drivers should check to see if their vehicle's tires are on the recall list.

Types of Compensation For Tire Failure Accidents

Victims of tire failure accidents might be able to receive compensation for their injuries and losses.  Each case is different, and the amount of compensation varies based on the factors in each situation.  Victims could potentially receive compensation for:

  • Medical expenses for injuries caused by the accident
  • The estimated cost of future medical bills for the treatment of accident-related injuries
  • Property damage to the victim's vehicle because of the accident
  • Lost wages due to time off of work for medical treatment and healing
  • Loss of future income, if the victim is left unable to work because of the accident
  • Noneconomic damages for pain and suffering

Depending on the circumstances, victims may be able to seek compensation for their losses and suffering through an insurance settlement or a personal injury claim in civil court against the tire manufacturer, the driver that failed to properly keep safe tires, or a third party that failed to properly install tires on a vehicle.

Calculating Compensation

Insurance companies use complex formulas to decide how much compensation to offer victims.  They often use tactics intended to reduce the validity of a victim's claims and ultimately lower the total compensation offered to a victim.  Insurance settlement negotiations should be handled with knowledge and care to ensure victims receive fair and just compensation under the law.

Limited Time to File a Claim for Compensation

Tennessee law limits the amount of some types of compensation victims can receive in a civil court case.  The law also limits the amount of time victims have to file a personal injury claim to one year from the date of the accident.  If a loved one died as a result of a tire failure accident, family members may be able to seek compensation by filing a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court.

How an Experienced Manufacturing Defect Lawyer Can Help With a Tire Failure Accident

The physical and emotional suffering caused by tire failure accidents is only the beginning.  Dealing with insurance companies and pursuing personal injury claims or manufacturing defect claims in court creates a whole new set of circumstances for victims.  Our manufacturing defect and personal injury lawyers at Labrum Law Firm can fight for your right to fair and just compensation under the law by helping document economic and noneconomic losses from an accident, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and file a claim on your behalf in court if necessary. If you are the victim of a tire failure accident or other car accident in Tennessee, consider talking with a lawyer at Labrum Law Firm at (615) 338-9500 to learn how we may be able to help you with your case.

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